Website design – first impression about your company.

How many times did you go to a website in order to obtain information and immediately closed it because of a screaming image, incomprehensible menu or clumsy fonts?

We are categorically opposed to such websites.

It is important to involve the customer during first seconds, to interest him or her in spending as much time as possible at your Web resource, studying services and products of your company.


Prototype development

We determine types and structure of the website’s main pages, draw conceptual blocks and configuration of elements.

Defining the style

We determine the website style design (minimalism, corporate, artistic etc.).

Design development

Selection of the colour scale, font, rendering layouts by prototypes.

Adaptive design

Development of an adaptive design of key pages for main dimensions of user devices.

When developing the website design, it is necessary to take into account the information on the experience or impression the users will receive during interaction with various elements of your website (UX - User Experience).

That is, it is necessary to understand whether it will be suitable/useful to locate certain website elements in specific blocks, and what function should they perform. The purpose of this design development stage is to think through the logical line of work with the website’s active elements, sequence of jumping between sections and submission of key information to meet the specified purpose by the user of your Web resource.

But no less important is the visual image of the website and conceptual blocks (UI — User Interface, the product’s visual form).
A properly selected colour gamma, fonts, style of active elements such as buttons, forms of communication, drop-down lists, checkboxes etc. will provide for the user a maximum comfortable work with the website and help to quickly receive the required information on your company’s services and products.

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